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New cigar rolling features and being introduced in style. Rolling cigars at upscale events is the trend that is now a staple at affairs from CF Dominicana Cigars. Cigar Catering® is the trademark for the feature that provides cigar rollers throughout the country for personal or corporate events for the entertainment of guests.

Premium cigars are a celebratory addition and typically enjoyed on special occasions like weddings. The corporate events are filled with cigar lovers and are the most cigar knowledgable of the US cigar consumer.

Cigar Rolling features a Dominican cigar roller, dressed in authentic Dominican attire - a Guayabera shirt and a Fedora hat - and rolls the same premium product sold in tobacconists stores. This level of quality in the tobacco is what seperates premium brands from low-end cigar stores that simply can not purchase the expensive premium leaves.

The roller rolls the cigars for approximately 2 hours and then wraps the delicate Connecticut Shade leaf around the the filler tobacco in the final step before attaching the label and perfecting the cigars for presentation.

Seeing the cigars rolled live at the event sparks som much interest that guests who mormally woud not smoke cigars will indulge, even women will get in on the action.

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Cigar Rolling

Cigar Rolling

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